You can become a Godfather or Godmather by donating only R$ 50 montly. It’s easy and transforming. Join us!

By making a donation, you will be part directly of opportunities constructing for our children and teenagers from Brazillian Slums. There are three main areas at Missão Intensidade: Classical Ballet, Professional Education and Soccer.

How does it work?

All courses are combined with social emotional development

Classical Ballet

Classical professional ballet course. Besides social emotional, corporal and cultural consciousness are also developed


Professional Soccer Course. Besides social emotional development, there is also technical preparation to became a professional player.

Professional Education

IT skills courses. Preparation for work readiness.

Join us now in this journey!

For only R$ 50 a month, you truly contribute to transformation and the future of young people in Brazillian Slumps, getting to know and following the child who will be blessed by your generosity!

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Missão Intensidade

We are a NGO based in Mogi das cruzes, Brazil and since 2015 we are working to promote Peace, Justice and Joy to those who has the rights to. We fight for social transformation and dream realization.

How do we work

We identify talents in order to generate opportunities so they can be enhanced. Missão educates citizens conscious of your social role and bring more dignity to the public.

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